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Solutions Inside Out: Season One

The Solutions Storytelling Project: Africa brings you "Solutions Inside Out," a nineteen-part short documentary series that spotlights inspiring stories by extraordinary change makers. These are African stories, from African filmmakers, for a global audience. Scroll to watch, share, impact!

SSP Africa: the Trailer

Nicholas Mwakatobe x APOPO

Published in Al Jazeera's AJ+:

Meet the rats saving lives across the world! Over 100 million land mines have been buried underground across the world, and giant rats from Tanzania are being trained to sniff them out and save lives — and so much more.

Idjwi Island

E. M. Mwangi x Amani Global Works

In the heart of the Congo's remote Idjwi Island, Dr. Jacques Sebisaho fulfils a childhood promise by spearheading the transformation of the local healthcare system.


Franklin Adegbie x BudgIT Foundation

Published in Scientific American magazine:

A poignant journey through Zokutu, a remote community grappling with the relentless burden of contaminated water. Witness the heart-wrenching repercussions as illness and the loss of precious lives pervade the very fabric of their existence, and immerse yourself in their unwavering resilience as they confront this overwhelming challenge head-on, fueled by a collective determination to carve out a brighter future.


Samuel Wanjohi x Bahari Hai

Published in Scientific American magazine:

Sammy Safari challenges traditional beliefs on environmental conservation in coastal Kenya and remains on the lookout for those who are poaching.


Kickstart x Mitchelle Jangara

Embark on an inspiring journey alongside Mulei and his family in “The Promise of Rain" a short documentary that chronicles their pursuit of prosperity and the power of innovation in the arid landscapes of Eastern Kenya.


Brian Obra + Ciru Njoroge x Oxygen Hub + TopCare

Published in Scientific American magazine:

Oxygen isn't as free or accessible as one might think. Follow one woman as she forges an innovative path in Kenya, with the vision of giving oxygen as a medical right for all.


E. M. Mwangi x African Visionary Fund

In a world in which African-led social impact organizations are often overlooked, Atti Worku and Teresa Njoroge scope the systemic inequities that exist in global philanthropy — and call for change.


Said Fadhaye x Africa No Filter

The story of Somalia continues to be defined by stereotypes of conflict, poverty, disease, corruption and poor leadership. But look beyond the headlines, and you’ll find a country that’s creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. This is the story of Somalia, told better.


Denis Onyodi x VillageReach

Amidst a resurgence of the wild polio virus strain, health workers in the Tete province of northern Mozambique work to save lives by improving the efficiency of polio sample transport. See how they’ve reduced the time it takes to move a sample from communities to the laboratory from three months to 72 hours — the difference between devastating outbreaks and eradication.

Côte d'Ivoire

Hangui Martial x Muso

In northern Côte d'Ivoire, newly pregnant Machiami Coulibaly is accompanied on her journey to care by Muso, a global health organization that has just started working in her village — with some challenges along the way.


Jackie Lebo x The Tenure Facility

Get a rare glimpse inside the lives of the Ogiek Indigenous People of Western Kenya who have struggled for decades to reclaim their territory. A recent court ruling has edged their dream closer to reality.


Tostan x Fama Ndiaye

In southern Senegal, Daga Kande, a local leader in her community, is a passionate advocate for girls’ and women’s education. Denied the opportunity to complete her own education when she was a girl, Daga is now on a mission, with the support of Tostan, to ensure that children in her community can stay in school and have access to all the opportunities that she missed — and that they all have a right to have.


Tony Wild + Laissa Malih + Franklyne Mudulia x Rights & Resources Initiative

Land is life. Watch to understand the ongoing struggle of land rights around the world — and here, on the Maji Moto group ranch in Kenya. Supported by the Rights and Resources Initiative and Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA), this community is taking back the land that rightfully belongs to them.


Lydia Matata x m2m

In Mathare, an impoverished community on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, accessing vital health services is often a struggle. Wilbroda and a team of mothers, employed as community health workers by the African nonprofit mothers2mothers, are working tirelessly to change that.


Nick Wambugu x mPedigree

Ezekiel takes us along his journey as a farmer, as he and his team work hard to feed those around them. With the help of mPedigree, which spreads innovative technologies that secure communities from the harmful effects of counterfeiting, Ezekiel is able to purchase seeds that generate bountiful crops and expand his operations, inching him closer and closer to his goals of larger harvests, an efficient home delivery system, and healthful fruits and vegetables to nourish his community.


Living Goods x Laissa Malih + Franklyne Mudulia

See how Living Goods saves lives at scale by working hand-in-hand with the government to build strong community health systems.


Beza Lemma x Last Mile Health

Workinesh Getachew, a community health worker employed by the Ethiopia Ministry of Health, provides life-saving care door-to-door for her neighbors in her rural community. With support from partner organization, Last Mile Health, she can access high-quality training and digital tools that enable her to hone her expertise and skills. But the needs of one patient motivate her to dream of moving up the career ladder: her mother.


Hatibu Madudu x Build Health International

Steve and David work as traveling biomedical engineers to hospitals throughout the world to fix broken oxygen plants, ensuring that every patient has access to lifesaving medical oxygen medicine.


Victor Wachira x Landesa

In Tanzania, a young widow discovers the power and potential to change her life and protect the planet — in the land beneath her feet.

The Solutions Storytelling Project is a collaborative storytelling fellowship that connects regional filmmakers and social innovators in Latin America to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change. Now in its second year, SSP is from the Video Consortium, supported by the Skoll Foundation, for a more equitable future.

Cover Photo by Thomas Bennie.