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Solutions Storytelling Project

The New Somalia

From "Solutions Inside Out," a short film from Said Fadhaye x Africa No Filter

The story of Somalia continues to be defined by stereotypes of conflict, poverty, disease, corruption, and poor leadership. But look beyond the headlines, and you’ll find a country that’s creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. This is the story of Somalia, told better. This film is a product of the Solutions Storytelling Project.

Narrative Matters

Meet Africa No Filter

Africa No Filter is working to shift stereotypical narratives of Africa by investing in research, community building, advocacy and grantmaking to content creators, journalists, and creatives, as well as arts, culture and media organization who care about how the world sees Africa and how Africa sees itself.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Said Fadhaye

Said is a Somalian filmmaker, photographer and editor who's lived and worked in Kenya and the UK. For the past 10 years, he's been working with various TV and Film companies as a Camera operator and editor, including Aljazeera, BBC, Channel 4 news. He's gained immense knowledge & experience on multiple genres from news; documentaries, digital, music videos, and commercials.

Making an Impact

We'll be sharing updates as this film makes its way into the world. In the meantime, please send it to someone who you think would be inspired by it. And leave a comment and a like on the video to support this organization's and filmmaker's work!

Film Credits

Director: Said Fadhaye

Cinematography: Said Fadhaye, Mohamud Otama

Featuring: Juweria Abas, Sana Ashraf, Mohamed Cantobo, Mohamed Diini

Story Consultants: Lerato Mogoatlhe, Nasya Smith

Executive Producers: Sky Dylan-Robbins, Gabriel Diamond

Music provided by: Aar Maanta, Khalid Kamil, Astaan Music, Goljanno

News Footage Courtesy of: CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC News

This film is a product of the Solutions Storytelling Project, a Skoll Foundation-supported initiative from the Video Consortium that connects regional filmmakers and social innovators in the Global South to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change.