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VC Advisory Circles

Creating community while advancing creative practice and career goals.

About the Program

Advisory Circles bring documentary filmmakers and video journalists together via strategically placed small groups, which meet independently to share knowledge, skills, and networks while offering each other accountability and support.

Every two months, all Advisory Circle groups convene for an “Orbit Meeting” — get it? Our circles are in the same orbit — to share skills, collectively find solutions to professional problems in a warm and supportive environment, and strengthen and build creative connections across the industry.

Advisory Circles are open to VC Gold members anywhere in the world and at any level of their career. Members are matched based on areas of interest, location, and experience level — all to facilitate meaningful professional connections and career growth.

Advisory Circle applications reopen four times per year; mark your calendar!

  • July 8th - 26th
  • October 7th - 25th

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How does it work?


Advisory Circle applications reopen four times per year; mark your calendar!

July 8th - 26th

October 7th - 25th

Meet Your Advisory Circle

Advisory Circles are based on multiple factors including time zones, career levels, and areas of interest and expertise. They’re designed to be compact and effective, bringing together 3 to 5 people. Once admitted, you’ll receive an email introducing you to the rest of your Circle with tips to get started.

Join the Orbit Meetings

Orbit meetings bring together all Advisory Circle group participants to share ideas, skills, knowledge; and to collectively tackle creative and professional challenges.

These meetings, which happen once every other month — a total of 6 meetings per year — take two forms:

Orbit Salons, a salon-style workshop, are kicked off by three members who share knowledge with the rest of the group. These short presentations can be organized by theme and typically cover a practical skill, a soft skill, and a storytelling skill. Leading up to each salon style meeting, VC’s Creative Development Manager reaches out to Advisory Circles to ask for presenters for the next Orbit Salon meeting. Everyone, no matter your career level, is encouraged to participate. We all have knowledge to share!

Orbit Solutions, meanwhile, is a collective problem solving experience. At these meetings, one or more participants offer a problem they're facing that they'd like help to solve. The facilitated discussion starts with a questions only period, when members of the group can ask questions about the issue presented. This is followed by a facilitated discussion and brainstorming session designed to offer multiple solutions or paths forward. Think of it like a work in progress screening, but for your creative and professional challenges!



What’s the time commitment?

Advisory Circle groups can set their own meeting schedule, but we recommend you meet at least once or twice a month. Orbit Meetings happen every other month, and each meeting lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Please consider the amount of time you have to dedicate to participating before applying. The value and effectiveness of both the Advisory Circles and our Orbit Meetings rely on members’ active and engaged participation.

What if I don’t love my Advisory Circle group?

We’ll do our best to make a great match for you, but if it’s not the right fit, just let us know and we’ll connect you with a new group.

When are Orbit Meetings?

Orbit Meetings are held every other month, and the dates and times will be shared with Advisory Circle participants multiple weeks in advance. We’ll also take into account the multiple time zones of participants and vary the meeting time throughout the year.

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