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Whether you're a professional nonfiction creator, a rising media student, or simply a lover of great documentary films, there's a way for you to engage with the VC community. Be part of it!

Help us democratize the industry and give nonfiction video storytellers the tools they need to tell compelling stories that change the world. As a grassroots global collective, we invite you to get involved in a way that's meaningful and fulfilling to you. Join us!

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For professional storytellers — visual journalists, documentary filmmakers, and anyone who plays a role in bringing nonfiction video stories to life — we invite you to, first, join our community our community!

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Students! We're so thrilled to welcome you to our global community, where you'll be able to connect with working nonfiction professionals in the industry through gatherings, mentorship, and personalized, grassroots efforts that help you along your storytelling journey.

Read our FAQ for students. Talk to us about starting a chapter at your university. Network and reach out to filmmakers for a virtual coffee. Check out our Workshop Archive to learn about grant writing, run-and-gun doc shooting, the art of the interview, and more. Have a question? Ask!

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We partner with companies and organizations, large and small, across the world to support creatives making great work through events, community outreach, story calls, collaborative programming, and more.

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We tell stories to impact, inform, and inspire audiences around the globe, and we invite you to join us. Get inspired by watching past shorts, series, and features that we've screened in cities around the globe. Attend gatherings in a city near you and hear directly from filmmakers and visual journalists about why and how they made their films. Host a pop-up gathering. Support our nonprofit efforts to support the present and future of nonfiction video storytelling.

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Photos by VC members Jake Winsett and Michelle Pomeroy of Bellyfire Productions, and Frank Sun.