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A New Initiative

For Media Students and Recent Grads

Giving students a taste of the real world.
An expansion of VC membership

Welcome to VC, students!

Our mission is to democratize the media industry — to ensure that all nonfiction filmmakers and visual journalists have the tools, support, and community needed to bring impactful, compelling true stories to life.

While VC is an organization for professionals, we also recognize that media students would greatly benefit from mentorship by and with our network of incredibly talented storytellers — to get a taste of the real world, learn from the pros, and get inspired as they craft their own journeys.

And that's why, as of November, 2022, media students and recent graduates are now eligible for membership. Come for the guidance, stay for the people, and uplift those who come after.

FAQ for Students

I'm a freshman and studying journalism. Am I eligible to join?

Absolutely. Eligible student members are studying or recent graduates of nonfiction storytelling or journalism. You must have a foundational production skillset, at least one sample of nonfiction video work to present, and a substantial record of their interest in pursuing a career in nonfiction visual media (through documentary/journalism classes, accreditation, etc).

Do I get a discount on membership?

You bet. Students and recent graduates are eligible for 50% off premium membership.

I'm a media student but not sure if I want to continue along this track. Can I join VC?

Unfortunately not — you must already have a foundational skillset of journalism or a media practice, and be actively moving towards a professional media career. With limited resources, we unfortunately can only accept folks who're positive they'll enter this industry.

I want to start a student chapter at my university. Where do I begin?

Awesome. Email and let's discuss.

What are the benefits of joining VC?

When you're just starting out (or about to start out) in the industry, it's hard to know where to begin, right? Well, we help you find your footing — through supportive community, mentorship, and connections that help you develop into the journalist, filmmaker, or storyteller you want to become.

I have a separate question that's not addressed here. What do I do?
Dive in, y'all.
Get a taste of the real world. Here are a few ways you can get started: