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Solutions Storytelling Project

72 Hours

From "Solutions Inside Out," a short film from Denis Onyodi x VillageReach.

Amidst a resurgence of the wild polio virus strain, health workers in the Tete province of northern Mozambique work to save lives by improving the efficiency of polio sample transport. See how they’ve reduced the time it takes to move a sample from communities to the laboratory from three months to 72 hours — the difference between devastating outbreaks and eradication. This film is a product of the Solutions Storytelling Project.

Health care, delivered

Meet VillageReach

VillageReach transforms healthcare delivery to reach everyone, so that each person has the healthcare needed to thrive. VillageReach develops solutions that improve equity and access to primary healthcare; this includes making sure products are available when and where they are needed and primary healthcare services are delivered to the most under-reached. Radical collaboration with governments, the private sector and other partners strengthen the organization’s ability to scale and sustain these solutions. VillageReach’s work increases access to quality health care for 70 million people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kampala, Uganda

Meet Denis Onyodi

Denis is a passionate artist, and a storyteller who has for over 15 years been deeply immersed in audio-visual content development for international nonprofit and development impact causes in Eastern and Southern Africa. His work telling development and humanitarian stories in Eastern and Southern Africa has been globally published, most notable being his coverage of the impact of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique that was published by CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Aljazeera, Sky News, The Guardian and a host of other media outlets.

Making an Impact

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Film Credits

Director: Denis Onyodi

Cinematographer: Denis Onyodi

Editors: Sara Gouveia, Denis Onyodi

Sound Recordist: José Gildo

Sound Mix and Design: Andrew Ahuura, Joan Etiang, Vianney Kazibwe

Translators: Abius Tushemerirwe, José Gildo, José Sorte Marcos

Featuring: Rodrigues Banda, Sandra Campo, Domingos Abilio, Dr. Domingo Guihole, Dr. Rotafina Donco

Story Consultants (VillageReach): Katleen Tillman, Luciana Maxim, Arsénio Manhice

Executive Producers: Sky Dylan-Robbins, Gabriel Diamond

Producers: Mungai Kiroga, Debra Aroko

Legal Services: Matthew T. Rogers, Esq.

Music provided by:

Special thanks: Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization

This film is a product of the Solutions Storytelling Project, a Skoll Foundation-supported initiative from the Video Consortium that connects regional filmmakers and social innovators in the Global South to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change.