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Solutions Storytelling Project: Africa

A collaborative storytelling fellowship that connects regional filmmakers and social innovators in Africa (2023) to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change. SSP is from the Video Consortium, supported by the Skoll Foundation, for a more equitable future.

Hangui focusing his shot.
Denis en route.
Laissa and Franklyne in strat mode.
Program Support

Made possible by the Skoll Foundation

This program was built as a collaborative effort between the Skoll Foundation and the Video Consortium, and is guided by one of the Foundation’s guiding principles: “We trust those closest to the challenge to lead the change. We aim to support those most proximate to the problems, those crafting solutions in close partnership with the communities most impacted."
Program Support

In Partnership with Docubox

Docubox is the East African Documentary Film Fund that exists to enable talented, driven, focused and accountable East African artists to produce unique films that unearth new realities and cross trans-national boundaries.
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Cover photo by Thomas Bennie.