Announcing the Solutions Storytelling Project: Latin America filmmakers!

Solutions Storytelling Project: Latin America

A collaborative storytelling fellowship that connects regional filmmakers and social innovators in Latin America (2024) to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change.

SSP is from the Video Consortium, supported by the Skoll Foundation, for a more equitable future. Learn more about SSP Africa (2023) here.


The Social Innovators

Organizations working to solve some of Latin America's most pressing issues:
Program Support

Made possible by the Skoll Foundation

This program was supported by the Skoll Foundation and is guided by one of the Foundation’s guiding principles: “We trust those closest to the challenge to lead the change."
Solutions Storytelling Project, Africa

Solutions Inside Out

Watch 19 moving short films produced during SSP Africa by filmmakers across Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, CĂŽte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Somalia, Nigeria, and the DRC.

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