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We’re a grassroots nonprofit that’s fueled by journalists and filmmakers around the world.
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Our robust regional initiatives, led by talented and award-winning filmmakers and journalists around the globe, are tailored to local media ecosystems to celebrate local creators, provide growth opportunities, and facilitate valuable professional connections.

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Emmett Adler Photo

Emmett Adler

VC Chicago
Jason Alarcón Photo

Jason Alarcón

VC Bay Area
Alex Albers Photo

Alex Albers

VC Philadelphia
Brenda Avila-Hanna Photo

Brenda Avila-Hanna

VC Mexico
Martin Awano Photo

Martin Awano

VC New York
Vanessa Black Photo

Vanessa Black

Jenna Bloom Photo

Jenna Bloom

Silvia Boccardi Photo

Silvia Boccardi

VC Milan
Elena Brunello Photo

Elena Brunello

VC Milan, ITsART
Jennie Butler Photo

Jennie Butler

Rough Cut Podcast
Kathryn Carlson Photo

Kathryn Carlson

VC DC, SideXSide Studios
Jaye Callahan Photo

Jaye Callahan

VC Chicago
Christian Carvajal Photo

Christian Carvajal

VC Colombia
Daniel Chávez-Ontiveros Photo

Daniel Chávez-Ontiveros

VC Mexico, Think Films
Shanshan Chen Photo

Shanshan Chen

VC London
Nick Childers Photo

Nick Childers

VC Pittsburgh, Freelance
Alex Clark Photo

Alex Clark

VC New York, GBH (NOVA) ; VC
Matt Clegg Photo

Matt Clegg

VC Atlanta
Josh Davidsburg Photo

Josh Davidsburg

VC UMD, Lot1 Films
Deanna Del Ciello Photo

Deanna Del Ciello

VC DC, SideXSide Studios
Amy DiGiacomo Photo

Amy DiGiacomo

VC Rough Cut
Hyacinth Empinado Photo

Hyacinth Empinado

VC New York, STAT
Elettra Fiumi Photo

Elettra Fiumi

VC Milan, Fiumi Studios
Michael 江邁高 Garber Photo

Michael 江邁高 Garber

VC Taipei
Joyce García Photo

Joyce García

VC Mexico, La Furia Cine
Rachel George Photo

Rachel George

Barbaros Gokdemir Photo

Barbaros Gokdemir

Video Editing Team, Freelance
Sindbad Guggenheim Photo

Sindbad Guggenheim

VC Paris
Michelle Hanks Photo

Michelle Hanks

VC New York
Aletta Harrison Photo

Aletta Harrison

VC London
Natalie Holt Photo

Natalie Holt

VC Los Angeles
Audrey Horwitz Photo

Audrey Horwitz

VC Rough Cut
Fraser Jones Photo

Fraser Jones

VC Atlanta
Aaron Kalischer-Coggins Photo

Aaron Kalischer-Coggins

VC DC, The Hill, Tributary Productions
Clare Keating Photo

Clare Keating

VC Chicago
Abhishyant Kidangoor Photo

Abhishyant Kidangoor

VC Rough Cut, Freelance
Angaelica LaPasta Photo

Angaelica LaPasta

Video Editing Team
Grace Lin Photo

Grace Lin

VC London
Sophie Lipinski Photo

Sophie Lipinski

VC Paris
Shako Liu Photo

Shako Liu

VC New York
Ryan Loew Photo

Ryan Loew

VC Pittsburgh, PublicSource
Tahiat Mahboob Photo

Tahiat Mahboob

VC Education
Lauren Mahoney Photo

Lauren Mahoney

VC Los Angeles
Andrea Oliva Marcial Photo

Andrea Oliva Marcial

VC Mexico
Andre Martins Photo

Andre Martins

Pari Mathur Photo

Pari Mathur

VC Bay Area, LinkedIn
Inês Pedrosa e Melo Photo

Inês Pedrosa e Melo

VC Bay Area
Jim McSIlver Photo

Jim McSIlver

VC Bay Area
Lindsey Miller Photo

Lindsey Miller

VC Education
Jamie Oberg Photo

Jamie Oberg

Alicia Ortega Photo

Alicia Ortega

VC Mexico, Oriental Films
Carlos Pérez Osorio Photo

Carlos Pérez Osorio

VC Mexico, Scopio
Annie Pancak Photo

Annie Pancak

VC Bay Area
Sarah Peterson Photo

Sarah Peterson

VC Education
Lily Qi Photo

Lily Qi

VC Chicago
Canela Reyes Aparicio Photo

Canela Reyes Aparicio

VC Colombia
Ellen Rolfes Photo

Ellen Rolfes

VC DC, Newsy
Adán Ruiz Photo

Adán Ruiz

VC Mexico
Bruno Santamaría Razo Photo

Bruno Santamaría Razo

VC Mexico
Lauren Schneiderman Photo

Lauren Schneiderman

VC Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Daniel Schwartz Photo

Daniel Schwartz

VC Atlanta
Claire Seaton Photo

Claire Seaton

Video Editing Team
Kurtis Sensenig Photo

Kurtis Sensenig

VC New York, Worldview Films
Caley Fox Shannon Photo

Caley Fox Shannon

VC Rough Cut
Veda Shastri Photo

Veda Shastri

VC DC, Independent, earlier Full Time at NYTimes Video
Elivia Shaw Photo

Elivia Shaw

VC Bay Area, Long Take Films, LLC
Jiayan "Jenny" Shi Photo

Jiayan "Jenny" Shi

VC Chicago
Sebastián Pinzón Silva Photo

Sebastián Pinzón Silva

VC Colombia, Independent
Nate Smallwood Photo

Nate Smallwood

VC Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Kristal A Sotomayor Photo

Kristal A Sotomayor

VC Philadelphia, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival
Anna Spelman Photo

Anna Spelman

VC Education
Stephanie Strasburg Photo

Stephanie Strasburg

VC Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fanny Texier Photo

Fanny Texier

VC New York, Colorful Films
Melinda Thompson Photo

Melinda Thompson

VC UMD, Video Consortium
Myriah Towner Photo

Myriah Towner

VC Atlanta
Cydney Tucker Photo

Cydney Tucker

VC Atlanta, ABC News Studios
Uba Udogwu Photo

Uba Udogwu

VC New York, 22 Stone Productions
Eleonore Voisard Photo

Eleonore Voisard

VC Paris
Nundrisha Wakhloo Photo

Nundrisha Wakhloo

VC New Delhi
Carlos Waters Photo

Carlos Waters

VC DC, CNBC Digital
Colin Weatherby Photo

Colin Weatherby

VC Los Angeles
Michael Werner Photo

Michael Werner

Editor, Field Notes, The Video Consortium
Ray Whitehouse Photo

Ray Whitehouse

Monica Wise Robles Photo

Monica Wise Robles

VC Mexico
Zack Wright Photo

Zack Wright

VC Philadelphia
HaiTao Wu Photo

HaiTao Wu

Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung Photo

Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung

VC TV, Art21