Rough Cut Podcast is back, and VCMX's Nun & Duss grant is open!

VC New York

New York, New York

Our New York chapter is the Video Consortium's home—and where it first came to life on one cold wintery evening in 2015, at the back of an East Village bar, amongst a handful of nonfiction video-creating friends. Today, New York is still VC's headquarters, and as our community continues to flourish, our VCNY gatherings are always-sold-out, spectacularly inspiring celebrations of the brilliant work of our members. Join the party!

Features, shorts, and series excerpts that are screened at VCNY’s monthly gatherings are curated by a rotating triplet of VC members. See below for this quarter’s team. If you have suggestions for VC Selects or would like to nominate a member for a future quarter, please do let us know.

In addition to monthly gatherings, VCNY offers specialized panels/workshops and VideoLab, our quarterly works-in-progress critique and screening series.

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Photos by Jason Briscoe and Lerone Pieters.