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The Pay Transparency Project

Real Pay for Real Stories, presented in collaboration with Brown Girls Doc Mafia.
Real Pay For Real Stories

The Pay Transparency Project (PTP) is a community-driven database that offers nonfiction video professionals timely insight into constantly evolving hiring trends and pay parity practices.

PTP was born in 2019, when a group of video journalist-members of the Video Consortium was frustrated with the industry’s lack of transparency around pay standards. Looking at the many secret pay rate spreadsheets floating amongst professional peers, they huddled together and dreamt of a tool, a central place, where everyone could come to give and get information that could better serve nonfiction video professionals working to earn a sustainable living, doing what they love. Sharing the same vision, Brown Girls Doc Mafia joined the effort as an implementation partner in the summer of 2022. Together, VC and BGDM look to welcome organizations and communities across the industry to join as partners in calling for equitable pay transparency in the nonfiction space. Join us and help build a more transparent future!

Want to get involved?
If you're part an organization that wants to join PTP's efforts, let us know.