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Welcome to the New VC!

Connecting the world's nonfiction video storytellers, now under one digital roof.

Sky Dylan-Robbins

The Video Consortium November 21st, 2022
Welcome to the New VC!

We've got a whole new VC for you today.

Hi y'all,

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our new home.

Over the past few years, this amazing community of ours has grown so much, and we as an organization have grown, too, evolving in myriad ways to support you and your important work.

Since our very first gathering among a handful of New York-based journalists and filmmakers in 2015, we’ve collectively watered the seeds of our community around the globe, and our grassroots efforts have blossomed: we’ve launched grants, workshops, mentorship programs, job exchanges, fellowships, local teams in over twenty cities, and so much more — reaching and supporting thousands of nonfiction storytellers in 40+ countries worldwide.

Member feedback has always been and continues to be our biggest priority, and we’ve been listening to you — the storytellers who make up this generous, talented, and ever-evolving global community. And so, over a year ago — with your documentary dreams, creative desires, and passionate feedback in mind — we began to build the digital platform that we're immensely proud to debut today.

Our goal for creating this all-in-one digital home for nonfiction storytellers is the same as our goal for the Video Consortium as a whole: to democratize the industry, to create a system for storytelling "mutual aid," and to knit together a deep and vast global network through which you can find the people, resources, and tools you need to tell impactful true stories that change the world.

The build of this platform was made possible by the integral backing of the Knight Foundation, to whom we're immensely grateful for granting us the support needed to make this leap. And every aspect of it was designed and implemented with passion and care, by us in collaboration with Clearfire, a fantastic web design and development studio based out of Springfield, Illinois, which worked hard to innovate and strategize to incorporate our varied storytelling needs into this new digital world. Our hope is that it will serve as a foundation and home-base for our ever-expanding community for many years to come.

I'd also like to personally shout out and virtually embrace all the VCers who were so integral to the ideation and creation of this website — and especially to Alex Clark, Hany Hawasly, and Ellie Shanahan.

And now, here we are. Live and in action.

Please, though, do note: just like the first export of a video you're working on, there are some cuts we still need to smooth out, and we very much encourage you to leave notes and feedback (and more dreams and desires) here.

Now, get started and c'mon in!

As always, if you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or exciting ideas, we're all ears. VC is by and for filmmakers, and we're all here to make — and facilitate the making of — powerful stories that change the world.

To the moon, together.

— Sky (Executive Director + Founder, VC)

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