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VC 2.0: 9 Steps to Diving In

Nine simple steps to showcasing your work and connecting with our global crew.

Video Consortium

The Video Consortium November 21st, 2022
VC 2.0: 9 Steps to Diving In

Hey, VCer. You've arrived! And now it's time to dive in. Here are nine simple steps to getting started in our new home — in just about nine minutes.

📌 If you're already a VC member, you should be in our system and ready to rock. Reset your password here. With any trouble logging in, email us!

1. Log in, fill your profile, + showcase YOU.

Whether you're a storyteller who's open to new work or a hiring manager who're looking for fresh talent, your profile is the first thing people see in their search — for collaborators, stories, talent to helm projects, team expansions, mentors, mentees, and beyond.

So: tell your story — add your portfolio, skills, gear, nonfiction dreams, and more. (Please note that certain sections like Awards and Work Spotlights are open to Gold members ⭐️ only.)

2. Browse the directory for new collaborators.

Browse through the profiles of talented fellow VC members from around the globe. Make sure you're signed in so you can 👀 see full profiles, ⚙️ use filters, and 📬 direct message other members.

Reach out to someone new by hitting "message" on their profile to a) say hello and b) invite them to a Virtual Coffee to talk shop, beyond physical borders.

3. Intro yourself + your work in the Forums.

Navigate over to the Forum and, in "Fresh Work," create a post and introduce yourself and your work. What've you made recently that you're proud of? And, while you're there, post a question, submit a job that'd be useful to fellow members, and support others by ❤️-ing and commenting.

Note: next year, we will be phasing out our private forum on Facebook — enter all the reasons people are leaving Facebook — so dive in!

4. Post a job, find a job: #gigalert

Post a job or a gig — from your own company or from a colleague — and browse posts from others. All job and #gigalert posts are free for VC members.

5. Get Resources: learn + grow.

Navigate over to our Resources section to check out Industry Best Practices, Workshop Archive, and a variety of discounts, templates, and more. Don't forget to add an entry to our Pay Transparency Project, now live and in beta. 📌 Note that our Workshop Archive, templates, and various discounts appear solely for ⭐️ VC Gold members.

6. Watch VC Selects on VCTV.

Ready to get inspired? Watch our very large library of stellar shorts, feature excerpts, and series from fellow members, screened at gatherings around the globe since 2015.

7. Read what's up on the blog.

Read our ongoing In Sync series, community updates, and more! Swing back for more news on an ongoing basis — plus, coming soon: opinion pieces from fellow members, Doc Lover Diaries, et al.

8. Share the love: invite a film friend.

By and for filmmakers and journalists, this network continues to grow thanks to YOU — thanks to the generosity, desire to collaborate and uplift, and passion for spreading truth from our members around the globe. Share about VC to fellow media makers and bring them into the fold so we can make this industry — and world — better together.

9. Go Gold!

While basic VC membership remains free, you can read here about why we're launching a new, optional membership tier — to give you more support and tools to make great work. Go Gold ⭐️ and get free access to events, premium resources, tailored mastermind circles, and so much more. This is just the beginning, y'all. Join us!

Want more? Here's a video tutorial from our Executive Director, Sky, taking you through a bunch of features on the site. ⬇

And as always, if there's something you're seeing that you love, think could improve, or have ideas about, definitely let us know. If you want to get involved in helping our grassroots network grow, take a look.

Don't forget to say hello on social; for all VCers who're reading this, let us know if we can help amplify your work. 💙

We're really glad you're here. Welcome home.

VCer Tawanda Kanhema, shooting a frozen Lawashi River.
VCer Nico Muñoz, questioned by penguins in Antarctica.

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