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Our Guiding Principles

Community Values

Built upon our foundational conviction that strong community plays an essential role in the creation and dissemination of compelling stories — and that compelling stories have the power to drive much-needed social change — the Video Consortium's operations are guided by the highest standards of journalism and adhere to the the following community values:

TRUTH: We seek to amplify stories that authentically capture truth with nuance and integrity.

COLLABORATION: We believe that generosity and kindness are foundational to successful collaboration, and that reaching back to lift up those who come after us is crucial to the storytelling process and to our industry.

COMPASSION: We endeavor to meet people where they are, to be fully present for those we’re with, and to work towards an empathetic media culture in which storytellers can thrive and story participants are treated with dignity.

EQUITY: We strive to amplify and empower underrepresented voices and perspectives in all programs and content; after all, diverse crews and newsrooms, uniting varying perspectives and cultures, tell the most accurate and wholly better stories.

HUMILITY: Attitude and intention are equally important to technical skill and craft. Awards and accomplishments aside, we believe that a humble, seeking spirit is what drives excellent reportage and a pathway to social progress.

REPRESENTATION: As an international media organization that actively works to make space for storytellers everywhere, we seek to view the world through the perspectives of those most proximate to the issues being documented.

EXPERIMENTATION: We believe that mistakes are blessings, and that innovative, out-of-the-box experimentation is what drives us towards a better future.

AWARENESS: When we’re truly willing, present, and open to being swept up by the serendipity of the stories we’re following, we enter new worlds and can truly, authentically capture what’s happening before our eyes — and strongly regard this practice of conscious, deeply aware storytelling as vital to good journalism.

Continued reading: the Video Consortium's Community Code of Conduct.

VC member Noura Kevorkian filming in a Syrian refugee camp.
A still from VC member Ed Ou's Emmy-winning Guardian documentary, "Get Away from the Target."