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We're supporting you and your work for maximum impact, and we're doing it in gold. Introducing our new Gold membership!

↓ Scroll for the backstory on VC GOLD from Sky, our Executive Director, and a written message from the VC team:

Hey y'all,

We hope you're enjoying our new virtual home thus far (Read the full welcome message here).

Since our early beginnings, we’ve been able to keep VC's offerings free and accessible — thanks to countless hours of hard work from the passionate people who keep this community moving from the inside out — while growing into a global powerhouse network of storytellers, spanning Canada to Colombia to Kenya and beyond.

Now, as our membership expands and the number of programs we offer does, too, we're listening to what you want — more services, tools, and resources — to better support the important work you do. And that's why we're extremely excited to be able to deliver on your feedback with a brand new membership option: VC Gold.

→ Remember: Basic VC membership (now called VC Essential) is still free.

But with VC Gold, you'll have deeper support, tailored resources, and a direct line back to the filmmakers who're bringing VC to life — who want to hear from you, to better support all that you do. Perks include:

⭐️ Free access to all Gatherings and Workshops
⭐️ Advanced Directory search tools
⭐️ Advanced Directory profile features (work, awards)
⭐️ First Look: Priority Event Registration
⭐️ Premium Deals + Discounts
⭐️ Access to VC's Workshop Archive Library
⭐️ Access to Production Templates
⭐️ Mentorship + Mastermind Circles
⭐️ Quarterly Virtual Coffee Exchanges
⭐️ Opportunity to serve on VC Advisory Council

So, if you find VC useful, and inspiring, and an important part of your work, get yourself these perks, help your fellow filmmakers in the process, and get 🌟 a big gold star:


(Do so by heading to your Dashboard and "manage membership" settings.)

With gratitude and excitement,
The VC Team

P.s. For more information about group discounts, community partnerships, and fee waivers for those in economic circumstances or environments that make payment difficult, see more info here.

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