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Gathering Replays

Replay: DC, 03/2023

Memorable moments from recent gatherings, by and for VCers.

Amanda Walter

The Video Consortium March 28th, 2023
Replay: DC, 03/2023

VC DC: Screening at the DC Bouldering Project

VC gathered at the incredible DC Bouldering Project to watch films all about "The Climb." These films honored the way climbing impacts communities around the world whether that's in a literal sense at a gym or on a mountain, or the more figurative climb to overcome something difficult. We laughed together, we marveled together, we even climbed together.

📸 by Rachel George

"When talking with a composer, there's never a question too dumb to ask. Use whatever words you can think of to tell us how you want it to feel. We'll do the rest."
—Ian McCleod, Composer, Cleod9 Music

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