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Match Lab

A new initiative from the Video Consortium, Match Lab connects nonfiction storytellers, publishers, and funders to bring projects with a mutual mission to life.
In partnership with

Muddy Water

For the launch of Match Lab, VC is partnering with artist collective, production company, and film studio Muddy Water, which recently launched a new documentary division and is looking for two to four more projects to add to its 2022 slate.

The Call

Muddy Water is looking for dynamic and high concept pitches from documentary filmmakers in the VC network. As a full-service production company and film studio with unique access to funding, Muddy Water offers in-depth logistical and creative production support, in-house line producers, and distribution strategy. For selected projects, Muddy Water will provide initial seed funding of up to $25,000, and can access full film financing through its agents at United Talent Agency, other talent agency relationships, and private equity.

Submit your in-progress nonfiction films to Match Lab below. Submissions are viewed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline, for this round, of November 8, 2022.

The Vision

“Muddy Water is director driven. We retain creative control in house so that we can vehemently support the creative vision of our directors. We are looking for high concept, slice of life, and observational documentaries with dynamic characters, locations, and story arcs. We’re in search of directors with a distinct point of view, as well as a refined and artistic visual style, who avoid the overuse of traditional sit-down interviews. We’re drawn to topics related to music, sports, food, art, and outdoor adventure, but are interested to hear pitches of all sorts. While we’re most interested in documentary features and episodic series, we’re also open to shorts.”

The Company

Muddy Water started as an artist collective in 2020 and quickly progressed into a global production company and creative studio. The MW team has worked with some of the world's most influential artists and designers, including Kanye West, The Weeknd, Khalid, Rosalía, Telfar, and Shayne Oliver. They are currently in production on a feature length documentary on Palestinian DJ Sama' Abdulhadi, and pre-production on Myrsini Aristidou’s narrative feature debut, IRIS. They are in different stages of development and pre-production on a variety of other projects, including a television series with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way as well as an animated series created by Trey Lyons.

Read to Submit?
Submissions are viewed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline, for this round, of November 8, 2022.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Match Lab.
Why is VC launching this program?

Programmers, funders, and acquisitions entities frequently request project recommendations from VC; concurrently, member-filmmakers and journalists frequently request help and advice on distribution and collaborations from VC. Match Lab, now launching in beta, seeks to connect both storytellers and stakeholders, to meet both parties’ needs — by putting power back into the hands of creators and helping to level the industry playing field. With Match Lab, our mission is to rely not on old-paradigm industry connections but instead on story, merit, and craft.

What kind of projects can I submit?

Anything nonfiction — features, shorts, series, no matter their stage. However, please note what Match Lab’s current partner is looking for, per above.

Who will be looking at my project submissions?

Project submissions are seen and reviewed by a very small number of core VC team members, and by essential stakeholders from Match Lab’s partner.

Can I submit more than one project?


My film is actually complete, but I still don’t have distribution yet. Can I submit?

Yes! But again, please note the current Match Lab partner’s needs. You’re welcome to submit your project anyway, for future partners to view.

When will I hear back on the status of my submission?

You’ll be emailed by Match Lab’s current partner if there’s potential synergy with your project. And, if you allow your project to be viewed by future partners (which you can approve at the end of your submission form), we’ll also include it for subsequent Match Lab partners to view and consider.

I’m not sure how to answer some of these questions. What should I do?

Send an email! We’re here to help.

My company is looking for fresh nonfiction content and we're interested in participating in future Match Labs. How do I get in touch?

Excellent. Also, email us.

Do proposals submitted remain the intellectual property of the applicant?

Yes. Unless you both decide to move forward in working together, IP remains yours. If a collaboration is explored, how your IP is treated is completely up to you and at your discretion, to be discussed with the partner.

Cover image courtesy of Muddy Water.