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Replay: Milan, 7/2023

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Amanda Walter

The Video Consortium July 4th, 2023
Replay: Milan, 7/2023

VC Milano: Industry drinks da Mare Culturale Urbano!

We had a wonderful event the other night at Mare Culturale Urbano thanks to our sponsor FCF - Forniture Cine Foto Milano.

We showed two fantastic documentary excerpts: the first film, 'Big John,' was presented by producer Anna di Toma and director Davide Ludovisi, while the second film, 'Sconosciuti Puri,' was presented by editor Valentina Cicogna and DOP Jacopo Loiodice.

We managed to finish the screenings before the storm broke out ⚡ and continued networking with drinks inside the venue. 🥂

Check back on VC's events page for the details on our next gathering, likely in the fall.

📸 by Kristina Juric

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