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Fair Use 101: What documentary filmmakers need to know

A workshop on U.S. fair use, copyright, public domain, and best practices for documentary filmmakers with attorney Fernando Ramirez.

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Can I use that photo in my documentary? What about this audio clip? Or this ancient painting?

Join us for a virtual workshop with entertainment attorney Fernando Ramirez, Esq. to review such questions and much more. This workshop will introduce the concepts of fair use, copyright, right of publicity, and works in the public domain and their implications for documentary filmmaking in the United States. It will equip documentary filmmakers with the foundational knowledge they need about these topics before consulting with an attorney. It will empower them to make informed decisions about their projects when navigating the legal landscape around these topics.

About Fernando Ramirez:

Fernando Ramirez represents numerous independent and major-label artists and music industry professionals. In the film and television industry, he has served as legal counsel on over 100 films, including projects acquired by domestic and international distributors, as well as various commercial, cable, streaming networks, and public television programs, in addition to having served as legal counsel to Oscar and Emmy-nominated clients and award-winning series.

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