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Budgeting for your First Feature Documentary

Director Rebecca Davis and Line Producer Katie Schwartz walk us through everything to look for when budgeting for your feature documentary.

Having a clear understanding of budgeting is a crucial aspect of documentary production — and it will make or break your film. If you're used to working independently, but now need to expand your operations, or if you're about to embark on your first (or second) feature, learning about all the aspects of how to properly budget is an integral early step.

Award-winning visual journalist and director Rebecca Davis, will take us through her personal budgeting journey through the lens of her timely feature documentary "Join or Die," which premiered this year at SXSW. Together with the film's line producer, Katie Schwartz, Rebecca will walk us through everything from determining the amount of funding to request when applying for grants to how to anticipate and plan for additional expenses. Dive into this intriguing case study study with us!

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Rebecca Davis - Director, Join or Die

Rebecca Davis is a director and producer based in New York City. She was a senior producer with NBC News for nearly a decade, where her work focused on social movements, environmental and economic justice, and community innovators. She has produced for HBO, VICE, Al Jazeera and A&E — and was the supervising producer for Season 2 of Vox's hit Netflix show Explained. Her first feature-length documentary on the life and work of civic guru Robert Putnam premiered at SXSW in 2023.

Katie Schwartz - EIC with Maxine Productions

Katie Schwartz is an EIC and Line Producer based in Los Angeles. She is currently with Maxine Productions where she oversees Development and is Line Producing their first series. Prior to joining Maxine, Katie worked for Dawn Porter’s Trilogy Films on award-winning films and series including: John Lewis: Good Trouble, 37 Words, Rise Again, and many more. Katie was on the team that helped to launch HBO's Axios series and also worked on projects for MTV, MTV2 and VH1.

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