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VC Event

London: Diverse Voices In Environmental Storytelling + Q&A

A Screening Event

Join VC in London at the Castle Cinema on July 19th! We're screening three shorts reflecting on diverse voices in environmental cinema. Get your tickets here! We can't wait to see you.

Diving for Rays: (Directed by Angel Morris and Nova West)

Diving for Rays follows the story of Nicole Morris, who since she was young has aspired to be a marine conservationist. Growing up in San Diego, she spent her childhood among the creatures of the sea - her favorite being rays. The ocean became her place of healing, especially when she realized she was queer. But the more she discovered who she was, the less she saw herself in the career as a queer woman. Years later, she realized that she owed it to herself to become what she couldn't see. She shares her story of taking her first steps in chasing her dreams by getting scuba certified, and along the way, we learn how the lack of LGBTQ+ in marine science can have a devastating impact on aspiring conservationists.

Watch the trailer here:

I Am Capable: (Directed by Roxy Furman)

After experiencing injustice when hiking in the English countryside, Amira Patel decided she wanted to help create a safe space for Muslim women outdoors. She founded her own group, the Wanderlust Women. During lockdown, Amira found a love of wild swimming: it was a place of stillness, in which she could connect to God, yet she always swam on her own… until now. For the first time ever, Amira is joined by two other women to swim together in the beauty of the Lake District. Summaya and Sham are apprehensive upon arrival; it is a big thing for them to be stepping out the box of what is deemed to be normal for Muslim women. After the initial shock wears off, they experience the transformative effect of cold-water immersion. They form a powerful sisterhood, finding strength in one another’s bravery in helping to breakdown the stereotypes and boundaries that exist.

Watch the trailer here:

Fighting for Air: (Directed by Shanshan Chen and Nicky Milne)

Over the last decade, the Inland Empire has become the most polluted city in the United States.? As e-commerce has exploded, so have toxic pollutants in the air. Tracing the supply chain from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, all the way to the Inland Empire, this film investigates the struggle for clean air currently underway, where grassroots organisations are coming together to fight the global online giants polluting the region through their distribution hubs.

Watch the trailer here: