Rough Cut Podcast is back, and VCMX's Nun & Duss grant is open!

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Rough Cut Podcast

Rough Cut is back! Did you miss us? After a brief hiatus, the podcast returns in a new, community-driven format, with VC members alternating as hosts. This time, join longtime friends, filmmakers, and photojournalists—Ed Ou and Amanda Mustard—as they talk through the transition from photo to video, and much more:
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Summer drinks in Biergarten!
Thu, Jul 18, 1:00 EDT
Birgit & Bier, Schleusenufer, Berlin, Germany
Summer drinks in Biergarten! Poster Summer drinks in Biergarten!
Work in Progress Lab
Fri, Jul 19, 8:00 EDT
Gimnasio De Arte, Avenida Álvaro Obregón 185, Roma Norte, 06700 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
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We believe that strong community plays an essential role in the creation and dissemination of impactful content, and VCers agree. Here's what some of our members have to say:
The Video Consortium has been my bedrock in the nonfiction film world, uniting me with kindred spirits who share my values and dreams. This global community has helped me forge unbreakable bonds and seize opportunities I could have never envisioned. Through VC, I can always find inspiring & talented storytellers who are committed to bettering the world and elevating one another along the way.
This community has been nothing short of home for me, and it reminds me constantly of the agency we carry as storytellers.
VC's Match Lab came at the exact perfect time for my project!
The Video Consortium was the first documentary collective that I joined! It provided the space to be in community with other filmmakers when I was starting out. It's been so wonderful to see the organization grow and support so many others over the years.
VC helped me find vital funding for my documentary and continues to be a hugely valuable resource in my career. It’s a uniquely supportive and knowledgeable community that always has solutions for even the most esoteric issues of documentary filmmaking.
Video Consortium provided me with resources, mentorship and the confidence to produce, shoot and edit on my own. VC is a very caring and thoughtful community and I’m grateful to be a part of it!
VC has been instrumental to my career as a freelance visual journalist and documentary filmmaker. I don’t know what I’d do without it.
VC has given me so much knowledge and it keeps me connected with the doc industry, which I love (and need).
I can’t tell you how valuable and encouraging it is to show work at VC gatherings, especially thanks to its talented and supportive community. Time and time again, I’ve found collaborators through VC’s forum and through people I’ve met at the screenings.
The Video Consortium has become a vital resource for the next generation of nonfiction filmmakers as they set out to tell important stories — in a world that’s in dire need of them.
The Video Consortium provides critical resources to support visual journalists. What's more, the community network and screenings offer inspiration and encouragement for people trying to share important stories with the world.
I love VC because it connects me to a truly global community of filmmakers and journalists with a passion for telling stories that make a difference.
I’ve been the VC Board president for the last couple of years because I know how important and valuable the organization is to the community. I wish I had the VC when I was a young filmmaker, a place to meet other filmmakers where I could learn and grow everyday.
When crewing up for a shoot or looking to hire new talent, we always turn to the Consortium’s forum first!