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Veda Shastri

Video Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker, Independent, earlier Full Time at NYTimes Video
New Delhi India
Available for Freelance


Veda Shastri is an independent immersive journalist and documentary filmmaker who works on the themes of gender, social justice, history and trauma in her work and is based between New Delhi and New York. She is currently a contributing producer of digital documentaries for National Geographic. She was earlier a staff video journalist on The New York Times’ Immersive Storytelling Team in New York. For her work at the NYTimes, she has won an Online Journalism Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award. Veda has produced over 100 virtual reality stories and documentaries for the New York Times, from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, inside a Black Hawk in Puerto Rico, to the lava fields of Iceland. Prior to her work at the NYT, she directed and edited "Ladies Only," a documentary following women taxi drivers in New Delhi in the backdrop of sexual harassment, and "Return to Chernobyl," a short VR documentary for PBS Frontline. Hailing from Boston, she earlier worked for CNN-IBN in New Delhi for five years producing television news bulletins.