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Rodrigo García

Director, Producer and Screenwriter, Macarena Boys
Guatemala City, Guatemala GT
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I love telling stories through letters and audiovisuals. In addition, to support people and future generations to tell their stories.


Rodrigo García Chapetón. Guatemalan, Bachelor in Communication Sciences, and graduate of the Master's Degree in Screenwriting from the University of Seville. He has written and directed short films and documentaries, his productions have been selected in numerous festivals. He has worked for UNICEF, ESPN and other organizations. He has been selected in the 11th LabGuion of Cinefelia 2023 (Colombia), 15th Talents of Guadalajara 2023 (Mexico), 1st International Meeting of Filmmakers of the Ícaro Festival 2022 (Guatemala) and Audiovisual Creation Laboratory “PRISMA 2: Constructing cinema and identity (Mexico) 2022. He is developing his first fiction feature, Carretera de Supervivencia.

Featured Work

Trailer of the documentary Deportivo Xejuyup more than a club

Synopsis: The Perechú family is afraid that the ancestral costume of their ancestors will disappear, but they see in football an opportunity to keep their culture and legacy alive. Role: Director, screenwriter and producer Festivals: - 10 Festival Nacional de Cine Pobre Panalandia (2023 - Panamá) - 7 Côte d'Azur International FICTS Festival (2023 - Francia) - 13 Latino & Native American Film Festival (2023 - United States) * Ganó el premio de Cultural / Linguistic Heritage & Identity Award. - 12 Festival Acampadoc (2023 - Panamá) - 10th Americas Film Festival NY (2023 - United States) *Ganó el premio del Mejor corto documental - 17ª Muestra Cine+Video Indígena 2023 (Chile) - 15th Mittelamerikanisches Filmfestival Wien (Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena) (2023) - 6th Kenya International Sports Film Festival - KISFF (2023) - 9ª Festival de Cine de Maracaibo (Venezuela - 2023) - 4 Apatzingán Festival Internacional de Cine AFIC (México - 2024)

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Volcanista: El despertar de un ciudadano

Synopsis: Jorge Luís Altuve is a young Guatemalan, passionate about mountaineering and a lover of his country. After the COVID-19 crisis and the lack of transparency in the execution of funds by Alejandro Giammattei's government, a wave of indignation arose that led thousands of Guatemalans to demonstrate. Jorge Luis attended the central square, when PNC agents began to intimidate the peaceful protesters. He and other citizens were arrested without having committed an act of vandalism. Role: Director of photography and editor Festivals: - Festival Ícaro 2021 Internacional - Mittelamerikanisches Filmfestival Wien (Ciclo De Cine Centroamericano - Viena) (2021) - Rushdoc International Documentary Film Festivals - Los Ángeles 2021 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Tequila (FICT ) - México 2022 - The Americas Film Festival New York TAFFNY - USA 2022 *Ganó el premio al mejor cortometraje documental en el festival. - Lisbon Film Rendezvous - Portugal 2022

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Tejidos de resistencia

In 2016, a group of weavers met and presented a law to protect the authorship of indigenous textile designs and clothing after the plagiarism of one of their designs. More than seven years have passed and the fight continues for the weavers, who not only have to face the people who appropriate their art but also the deficiency of the Guatemalan government, machismo, racism and discrimination in society. Role: Director, producer and editor

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