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Pablo Mejía Trujillo

Audiovisual Director, Citurna Producciones
Bogotá, Bogotá CO
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I am a political scientist, documentary filmmaker and nature photographer based in Colombia. I'm passionate about raising awareness around environmental, social and human rights issues, and also teaching local communities how to tell their own stories.


Pablo Mejia is a documentary filmmaker and nature photographer, born and based in Colombia. He graduated with a Summa Cum Laude degree on Political Science, with an emphasis on Geography and Environmental Studies from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia. His films focus on social, cultural, environmental and human rights issues, and is currently the audiovisual director of Citurna Producciones, a production company that specializes on communication for peace and social change, where he has directed communication strategies for international organizations such as the United Nations, WWF, Interamerican Foundation, FESCOL, Climate Focus, Audubon Society, ONF Andina and the European Union. He has also worked as a filmmaker for national and international media organizations such as Aljazeera Witness, ORF Austria, Senal Colombia, Canal 13, Mutante and Gatopardo. For the past few years, he has also focused on promoting the use of documentary fimmaking in indigenous and rural communities in different regions of Colombia.

Featured Work

With bare hands: the double price of cocaine in Colombia

This short documentary explores the health hazards to which coca leaf farmers are exposed, in the context of persecution under a failed anti-drug policy

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A las balas y a la brava

This short documentary tells the story of Alejandro Carvajal, a coca leaf farmer killed by the Colombian army in the midst of an erradication operation. Through the testimony of his family and relatives, we explore the wider context of human rights abuses under a failed but persistant antidrug policy.

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Voices of the River

This short documentary is the collective result of a documentary workshop I directed with young farmers in the colombian Amazon. It aims to amplify their voices and stories in the midst of an environment full of violence and persecution.

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The Farm Diaries

This short film tells the story of a self-sustaining farm and the challenges they face in the midst of the COVID lockdown.

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