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Nicole Andrea Kramm Caifal

Videografo, Freelance
San RamĂłn, Santiago CL
Available for Freelance
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Documentalist and human rights defender. I am a simple woman passionate about the necessary stories of social transformation.


Documentary filmmaker who deals with all types of environmental and Latin American social conflicts. Graduated as a Graphic Reporter at Alpes, Escuela de la Imagen y las Comunicaciones, graduated in Documentary Film at Universidad Humanismo Cristiano. Graduated in Cinematography and Direction of Photography and Camera in Film at the prestigious International School of Film and Television (EICTV) in Cuba and La Toma Film Academy in Chile. Specialized in education and human rights at the University of Chile. Currently freelance in communications teams as video journalist, producer, press and communications consultant, photojournalist and cameraman in independent films in Chile and international agencies.

Featured Work

El regreso de Barrick

Activists and environmental defenders are organizing to alert the population about the installation of "Barrick", a mega mining project that threatens to destroy their territory in Valle del Elqui, Chile.

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Palestinos en Chile

Founded by Palestinian migrants in Chile, Club Deportivo Palestino is more than a Chilean soccer team. It is also an ambassador for the Palestinian cause worldwide.

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Nunca más

Women for the "Never again" against the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet 50 years after the coup d'Ă©tat in Chile.

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'The Rapist is You': Inside Chile's Feminist Uprising That's Gone Global

Chile’s feminist anthem “The rapist is you,” went viral in 2019. The chant became an anthem for women during the social unrest of 2019, which was sparked by deepening inequality in the country. The song had a global impact, but the struggle for equality back in Chile continues, we meet the women leading the charge

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