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Juan Llacsa

Comunicador, Amazónicos por la Amazonía
Moyobamba, San Martin PE
Open To Mentoring
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I am a communicator. I like to portray people and rescue the stories behind them.


Born in Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru, this communicator has dedicated part of his career to the collection and dissemination of stories in various communities. His current work has taken him to the Peruvian jungle, where he actively collaborates with the Red Amazonía que Late, a collective participation initiative dedicated to the conservation of the Amazon forests. Through his photography and video production skills, he accurately documents the experiences and efforts of these communities, sharing them at specialized gatherings and social media platforms. The main purpose of his strategic approach is to raise awareness about the imperative need to preserve the valuable natural heritage for future generations.

Featured Work

Alto Huayabamba: a commitment to LIFE

g territory that is respectful of its natural and cultural heritage.

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On the Front Line

On the Front Line. This documentary follows the brave narrative of the Que Late Amazon Network, who, in defense of their forests and waters, lead the battle against the threat of deforestation in the Amazon. Supported by powerful alliances and innovative technologies, especially the tools of Global Forest Watch, the defenders of the territory take us through their challenges, successes and the tireless fight to preserve this ecological treasure. An exciting testimony of how the union of community and technology can make a difference in the protection of the Amazon.

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"Ayahuasca" It is an audiovisual experience based on the story of Sofia del Aguila, whose testimony serves as inspiration for the artist Machuca Art, who pours his talent into a masterful mural, which summarizes the memories of an astral journey into the unknown, in the long-awaited search for answers. Art and mysticism merge in a personal, unique and very significant experience.

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Ethereal and distant

"Ethereal and distant" is a contemplative audiovisual letter, made in the distance of the pandemic, which combines my images with the voice of my mother (La Mary) and her fervent passion for plants. It is a sensitive and very personal exhibition that took place at the Lambayeque Cinema Club and the Socio-Environmental Poetic Film Exhibition. This story is an extract from the conglomerate "Visions of a suspended time" presented in the final stage of our First Workshop for Peruvian Documentalists, carried out by the DOCLA School.

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