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Ángela Carabalí

Medellín, Antioquia CO
Open To Mentoring
I'm a documentary filmmaker, university lecturer and photographer. I’m driven by social, ethnic and cultural heritage issues, transmedia narratives, and research-creation processes.


Angela Carabali is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, university professor, master in documentary film (honor student) UPB Colombia and master in photography from the EFTI school in Madrid. She is moved by social, ethnic, transmedia narratives and cultural heritage issues. Director, screenwriter, and co-producer of the interactive documentary "Pregoneros de Medellín," which received over 12 selections and 8 awards worldwide, including the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, Dok Leipzig, Festival Smart FIPA in France, and inclusion in MIT's Docubase. She is currently in post-production for her first feature-length documentary "Will they ever come back?," which is part of an expanded documentary in development, supported by Sundance Production Fund, William Greaves Fund by Firelight Media, La Scam, American Film Showcase, among others. She belongs to the group of Colombian documentary filmmakers ALADOS and the American Film Showcase fellows program.

Featured Work

Pregoneros de Medellín

THE INTERACTIVE WEB DOCUMENTARY OF THE SINGING STREET VENDORS OF MEDELLÍN - COLOMBIA. A virtual journey to discover the world of those who have understood that in trade as in love, it is the voice that seduces.

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