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Osama & Ayman

Season 1, Episode 1: Skateboarding While Muslim

Horatio Baltz

Something Massive
Osama & Ayman

"The Playback," from the Video Consortium, is a behind-the-scenes peek in which nonfiction filmmakers describe their creative process as we see it unfold. Produced by VC members Horatio Baltz and Cody Ball.

Osama and Ayman Abdeldayem are brothers, skateboarders, entrepreneurs, Americans, and Muslims. As they skate through the streets of our nation’s capital, they navigate growing Islamophobia with characteristic style and humor. Filmmakers Ben Mullinkosson, Chris Cresci, Sam Price-Waldman of Rainhouse Cinema describe the making of their documentary 'Osama and Ayman' profiling two American Muslim brothers in the early days of the Trump administration. Listen in as they describe their filmmaking style and the importance of relationships in building resonant character profiles.

Watch the full piece here:

Produced and edited by Horatio Baltz and Cody Ball. Mixed by Cody Ball.

Music provided by Musicbed.

VCTV Team:
Director of Editorial Programming: Alex Clark
Executive Producer: Sky Dylan-Robbins
Publisher: Laura Brickman
QC Producer: Amanda Lalezarian
Editors: Brian Gersten, Roberto Drilea
Administrative Asst.: Laura Fong

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