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Phil l'Androide

"Phil l'Androide,” by Edoardo Vojvoda, is a December 2019 VC Official Selection.

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Phil l'Androide

"Phil l'Androide"
December 2019 VC Official Selection

Edoardo Vojvoda

Logline: In 2005, David Hanson and Andrew Olney, two students passionate about robotics and science fiction, decide to build an Android and give it a synthetic life. With sophisticated artificial intelligence, they built an android head capable of having long conversations. This head claims to be the writer Philip K. Dick. It caught the attention of technology fanatics, the media, and science fiction communities. Maybe it was just an illusion, a clever circus trick. Or maybe, hidden behind the gears and microchips, something more was lurking.

Publisher: Jump Cut

Genre: Technology, Robots

Location Screened: Milan

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