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From community-led initiatives to formalized programs that foster professional growth, our virtual programs are run by and for creatives around the globe. Not seeing an offering that would be useful to you, and have a suggestion? Send us a note.

Program Archives

Previous programs that we've put on
Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Festival Image

Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Festival

The third-annual Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Film Festival is a screening series of recent non-fiction cinema produced in our region.

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Documentary Journalism Summit Image

Documentary Journalism Summit

A four-part virtual summit that collaboratively explores the disparate yet interconnected fields of visual journalism and documentary film.

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The R.E.S.T. Summit Image

The R.E.S.T. Summit

A virtual symposium that explores the nature of resilience, safety, and trauma for those working in video journalism and documentary film.

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2021 Sony Mentorship Program Image

2021 Sony Mentorship Program

A grassroots mentorship program that helps emerging nonfiction filmmakers and journalists to develop their projects and network.

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Nun & Duss Grant Image

Nun & Duss Grant

A production grant for Mexican filmmakers.

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