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Virtual Coffees

Grab a virtual coffee and foster collaboration no matter where you're based.

Hop on over to the directory; click on any profile, and you might see a little pill below their name: open to virtual coffee. This is where you begin.

Our industry is quite siloed, and conversations happen in disparate bubbles throughout the field. We're on a mission to change this. And one way to do it is by inviting you to be bold and reach out to fellow members of the community — ours, and of the industry — and say hello, and grab a coffee. Virtually, that is.

If more people know each other, across countries, oceans, and continents, we'll get out of our media bubbles and find fruitful collaborations, in the name of authentic stories that inform and inspire.

Is there a new skill you want to learn? A thing you see another VCer needs help with? Are you traveling soon and looking to connect with other filmmakers in your destination city? Just want to meet someone whose work you admire?

Be bold. Reach out. Schedule a time to chat for 30 minutes. Grab coffee, sit back, and talk all things nonfiction through your screens — and maybe, one day, in person, when you're collaborating on a project. Let the connections begin!

"Get Away from the Target" is an Emmy Award-winning short documentary that came to live from Video Consortium connections: journalist Ed Ou met journalist-editor Will Miller via VC forums. As Ed adds, "Documentary journalism is such an important tool to inform and immerse people in the lives of those in situations different to us, where we can have a first person perspective to understand the world with more nuance, compassion and empathy. This was an amazing collaborative effort and it was such a joy to work with such a cosy team of friends and colleagues, many of whom I met through the Video Consortium family."
"Jacinta" is an award-winning feature documentary that also came from VC connections. Director Jess Earnshaw and producer Holly Meehl met at a VC gathering in New York and began to collaborate on "Jacinta," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, was purchased by ABC, and is now available to watch on Hulu!