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Erica Taylor

Producer, Taylor Productions
St. Louis, MO US
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Experienced storytelling producer with a niche for the docuseries, documentary and docustyle genre. Expert Field Producer and host with a special skill for challenging interviews. Grassroots impact producer and equity film activist.


Erica L. Taylor is an impact filmmaker, with a focus on projects that address significant issues effecting women and underrepresented groups. She is the owner and Executive Producer of Taylor Productions with 20 years of storytelling experience. Only six months into her career, Erica was promoted to national producer, on-air talent and co-writer for top urban radio show, the Tom Joyner Morning Show. In 2011, she moved to LA to work in television, but as a valued producer, she was asked to continue her radio work remotely. From 2012-2014, she produced the NAACP Award winning shows Unsung and Unsung Hollywood by day and syndicated radio by night. With production partner Jasmine Perry, Erica co-produced The Invisible Vegan (2019) documentary examining veganism in the black community, which led to her current project, Red alert: The Fight Against Fibroids aimed at giving visibility to the vast number of women suffering from uterine fibroid tumors. Having suffered from reproductive health trauma, Erica is a fibroid awareness advocate under the Red Alert brand and serves as the National Ambassador for the Fibroid Fighters Foundation. Keeping her production skills sharp, she took on the role of Senior Story Producer for the reboot of the cult classic show YO!MTV Raps (Paramount+) in early 2022. As a volunteer, Erica is dedicated to contributing to the advancement of women and minorities in production by serving as Vice-President of the Documentary Producers Alliance as well as Co-Chair of both the Equity & Inclusion and the Communications committees. She is also an active member of the Collin College Video Production Advisory Board in Dallas, TX and the Uterine Health Advisory Board for Pfizer, Inc. and Sumitomo-Pharma.