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Daniel Hollis

Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
A world-traveling LA based Director of Photography working mainly in the documentary world.


Daniel has worked in the non-fiction and documentary world for over 13 years, working now as a Director of Photography. He has lived in London, New York City, and now calls Los Angeles home. He has traveled the world, shooting in countries from Iraq and Syria, to Kazakhstan and Papua New Guinea. He specialized in verité shooting, but also loves to light; making things as cinematic and beautiful as possible, but always in service of story. He owns a large gear package,  including multiple cameras, lenses, lights, and toys, and prides himself to be able to scale up or down as the project needs. He also has a vast network of local crew across the US and the world, that he regularly calls upon and shares. He has made premium documentary series and features for HBO, Hulu, Netflix, National Geographic, Disney +, Showtime and Peacock.

Featured Work

Savior Complex Trailer

A trailer for the HBO 3-part documentary series for which I worked as the Director of Photography. Savior Complex tells the story of an American missionary who set up a children's malnutrition clinic in Uganda, but was accused of causing the deaths of hundreds of children. It looks at the notion of the white savior, and confronts some uncomfortable truths.

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Shadowland Trailer

A trailer for the Peacock 6-part documentary series that I served as the series Director of Photography. In partnership with the journalists at The Atlantic, Shadowland explores the world of conspiracy theories in a post-Trump, post-January 6th, chronically online America, and how it's affecting families and relationships.

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Love On The Spectrum US Trailer

A trailer for the Emmy winning hit Netflix docuseries, Love On The Spectrum. I was the Director of Photography on the first US season of the show. It explores the world of dating, and follows the love lives of a few people on the autism spectrum.

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My Showreel

A collection of some of my favorite footage from around the world. A mix of both commercial and documentary work.

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