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Heather Marshall

Sound Mixer
New Orleans/L.A., LA-CA US
BURRO SOUND: because good sound carries a bad shot. Nearly 20 years in industry. Location Sound recording for Film & TV; Survival, Reality, Episodic, Documentary, Drama, Commercials. High quality, high efficiency, low profile. FCC licensed.


As a location sound mixer for nearly 20 Years, HT has mixed & supervised docos, drama, reality productions and fast paced shooting environments. From years of working on location and on the lot, experience spans from micing high profile celebrities & presidents or track racing to run-and-gun at the 9-11 Tragedy, eco-Challenge and Adventure series including Survivor. Working in this variety of environments like these requires the knowledge and self-sufficiency to troubleshoot in any situation, expeditious micing, and maintaining sensitivity to the subject and cast.