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Student Membership Now Open

Welcome to VC, media students and recent grads!

Video Consortium

The Video Consortium October 23rd, 2022
Student Membership Now Open

Now welcoming film, media, and journalism students to the Video Consortium universe.

Our mission is to democratize the media industry — to ensure that all nonfiction filmmakers and visual journalists have the tools, support, and community needed to bring impactful, compelling true stories to life.

While VC is an organization for professionals, we also recognize that media students would greatly benefit from mentorship by and with our network of incredibly talented storytellers — to get a taste of the real world, learn from the pros, and get inspired as they craft their own journeys.

And that's why, as of November, 2022, media students and recent graduates are now eligible for membership. Come for the guidance, stay for the people, and uplift those who come after.

Students are eligible for 50% off VC Gold. Read our FAQ here. Join us here!

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