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The Playback

Episode 9: How Mac Premo found his style

Take an immersive look behind the scenes of nonficton storytelling.

Samuel Vladimirsky

July 27th, 2023
Episode 9: How Mac Premo found his style

The season finale of The Playback is here! The ninth and final episode of season 2 features Mac Premo, a filmmaker, artist, and self-described stuff-maker with one of the most recognizable animation styles in the film industry. When asked how he developed his style, Premo reminds us that an artist’s voice is found. You can’t seek it.

Thank you for joining us these past few months. Over the last nine episodes, our series has gone behind-the-scenes with some of the most exciting nonfiction storytellers working today, ranging from the New York Times Visual Investigations unit to the VP’s video producer. These filmmakers, journalists, editors, TikTokers, producers+ have shared precious nuggets of wisdom on every aspect of our craft--access, cinematography, sound design, finding your style and then some.

We’ll be back soon, VC’ers! Onward 🚀


Featuring: Mac Premo

Series Producer: Sam Vladimirsky

Editors: Sam Vladimirsky, Cody Ball

Animator: Tricia Cenit

Executive Producer: Sky Dylan-Robbins

Footage Courtesy of Mac Premo, WeTransfer, Supply & Demand

The Playback is a digital series from the Video Consortium that takes viewers behind the scenes of their favorite nonfiction storytelling, from feature documentaries to The Washington Post's viral TikTok account. Each episode explores a different element of the craft and new episodes are released every other Thursday.

Sam Vladimirsky is a filmmaker & artist whose hunger for a good story has taken him through the underground tunnels beneath the Met, inside the homes of New Yorker cartoonists, and onto remote farms, developing cities, gun ranges, catacombs, and costume shops. A New Jersey native, he is an advocate for the tiny but mighty team, and collaborative storytelling that is fearless and uncompromising. His work has appeared on PBS, Vogue, the British Journal of Photography & more. Most recently, he served as the creative marketing director at the Academy Award®-winning Breakwater Studios. In his previous incarnations, Sam directed documentary shorts for The Billboard Creative, co-taught archaeology at the Dalton School, worked in MoMA’s photography department, and served on the education team at the Met. He graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in History and French and earned an M.A. in Art History from University College London.

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