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Uptin Saiidi: What Works on Social Media

Host Jennie Butler speaks with Uptin Saiidi about the art of making videos work on social media.

Video Consortium

The Video Consortium
Uptin Saiidi: What Works on Social Media

Rough Cut features conversations with documentary filmmakers and video journalists about their creative process—successes, failures, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Catch the video version of this episode below.

Uptin Saiidi was a multimedia journalist for CNBC for 7 years based in Singapore and Hong Kong. His videos have received millions of views on Facebook alone, and Uptin recently left CNBC and moved to LA to develop his own channels. In this episode, Uptin shares why he thinks some videos go viral on social media, how legacy media companies should pivot to digital and why he left his job at CNBC to go freelance.

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