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Un Canto Por La Justicia

"Un Canto Por La Justicia,” by César Olivo Sosa, is a January 2023 VC Official Selection.

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Un Canto Por La Justicia

"Un Canto Por La Justicia"
January 2023 VC Official Selection

César Olivo Sosa

Logline: 'A song for justice' narrates the stories of Araceli and Domitila, two indigenous women who are waiting for the Amnesty Commission to resolve their exoneration request so they can be released from prison. Thanks to their testimony of them and their family, we show the context and the reasons why they, as well as many other women, are unjustly imprisoned in Mexico.

Publisher: Equis Justicia para las Mujeres & 29.97 Estudio Creativo

Genre: Mexico, Injustice, Women, Indigenous Stories, Community

Location Screened: Mexico City

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