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The Magnitudinous Illuminous

"The Magnitudinous Illuminous,” by Maya Tippett and Rachel Mills, is a May 2019 VC Official Selection.

Video Consortium

The Video Consortium
The Magnitudinous Illuminous

"The Magnitudinous Illuminous"
May 2019 VC Official Selection

Maya Tippett
and Rachel Mills

Logline: The Magnitudinous Illuminous is a short documentary following Pete Napolitano, a 66-year-old Brooklyn bartender, and self-proclaimed philosopher. In between pouring shots and shaking cocktails at the bowling alley where he works, Pete’s been writing his life’s work of metaphysical theories on paper towels behind the bar. Pull up a stool to Pete’s “Table of Honor,” and soak in his elucidations on how to live a creative life.

Publisher: Independent

Genre: People, Life

Location Screened: New York

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