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The Last Salonnier

"The Last Salonnier,” by Paul Johnston and Evan Dell'Aquila, is a September 2019 VC Official Selection.

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The Video Consortium
The Last Salonnier

"The Last Salonnier"
September 2019 VC Official Selection

Paul Johnston
and Evan Dell'Aquila

Logline: In this documentary profile, Johnston invites the audience to step behind the "crushed velvet curtain" of Bruce Bailey’s life as an investment banker, lawyer, farmer, and patron. The enthusiastic collector, who has worked with artists such as Marina Abramovic and Kent Monkman, is one of a few notable individuals who still host traditional art salons; a form of an egalitarian lab for the breeding of ideas made popular in seventeenth-century France, where literary luminaries, artists, and thinkers gathered to discuss philosophy, politics, art and other matters of the day.

Publisher: Independent

Genre: Art, People

Location Screened: Los Angeles

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