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Tall Tales with True Queens

"Tall Tales with True Queens,” by Kristina Budelis and Leandro Badalotti, is an January 2020 VC Official Selection.

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The Video Consortium
Tall Tales with True Queens

"Tall Tales with True Queens"
January 2020 VC Official Selection

Kristina Budelis
and Leandro Badalotti

Logline: "Tall Tales with True Queens" is a short film that offers a glimpse into a budding trend that is reshaping storytelling in public libraries for families nationwide. Drag Queen Story Hour is a fresh addition to the lineup of children's rooms in a growing number of American public libraries nationwide. While young children embrace the sequins, bright colors, and celebration of a spectrum of identity, certain adults are moved to outrage and protest.

Publisher: Condè Nast

Genre: Queer, Drag Queens

Location Screened: Los Angeles

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