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Sam And The Plant Next Door

"Sam And The Plant Next Door,” by Charlie Phillips and Ömer Sami, is a June 2019 VC Official Selection.

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Sam And The Plant Next Door

"Sam And The Plant Next Door"
June 2019 VC Official Selection

Charlie Phillips
and Ömer Sami

Logline: Sam, 11, is always being told not to worry about the nuclear power plant rising next door, but for him, there is a lot to think about. Hinkley Point C will be Britain’s largest nuclear plant, and it’s only two miles away. Most of his classmates expect to work at the plant but Sam is determined to escape that fate. His dream is to protect the surrounding marine life he identifies with. Like the fish, he feels unappreciated by the adults.

Publisher: The Guardian

Genre: Environment, Youth, Science

Location Screened: New York

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