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Mucho Mucho Amor

"Shepherd's Song,” by Abby Fuller and Leslie Macli, is a July 2020 VC Official Selection.

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The Video Consortium
Mucho Mucho Amor

"Mucho Mucho Amor"
July 2020 VC Official Selection

Cristina Costantini and Mona Panchal

Logline: Every day for decades, Walter Mercado — the iconic, gender non-conforming astrologer — mesmerized 120 million Latino viewers with his extravagance and positivity. Then he vanished from the public eye. Award-winning documentarians Cristina Costantini (Science Fair) and Kareem Tabsch (The Last Resort) direct MUCHO MUCHO AMOR, produced by Alex Fumero.

Publisher: Netflix

Genre: Psychic, Astrology

Location Screened: New York

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