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Laissa Malih

Director/Founder, Nomad Footprints Films
Nanyuki, laikipia North KE
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
I am a storyteller,story curator and film specialist working among Kenyan indigenous marginalized communities.


Laissa Malih, is a Laikipian Maasai, the first female filmmaker in her community with interests in documenting, linking, amplifying and scaling up grassroots community voices across diverse indigenous cultures in Kenya and the world. Laissa has found her way back home to her people and community through her films, volunteerism and through a community based organization Maasai Cultural Heritage that seeks to document the Maasai traditions, cultures and heritage. She is also the founder/director of Nomad Footprints Films which is a film hub and home to Kenyan indigenous communities in terms of advocacy,their culture,their heritage, their livelihoods and lives as a people.