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Laissa Malih

Director/Founder, Nomad Footprints Films
Nanyuki, laikipia North KE
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
I am a storyteller, story curator and film specialist working among Kenyan indigenous marginalized communities.


Laissa Malih, is a Laikipian Maasai, the first female filmmaker in her community with interests in documenting, linking, amplifying and scaling up grassroots community voices across diverse indigenous cultures in Kenya and the world. Laissa has found her way back home to her people and community through her films, volunteerism and through a community based organization Maasai Cultural Heritage that seeks to document the Maasai traditions, cultures, and heritage. She is also the founder/director of Nomad Footprints Films which is a film hub and home to Kenyan indigenous communities in terms of advocacy, their culture, their heritage, their livelihoods, and lives as a people. She is a Reciprocity Season 2 fellow/filmmaker by Nia Tero where she directed "The Return", a short documentary on her return to her community through filmmaking (set to premiere early 2024). She is a Solutions Storytelling Project Season 2 fellow. Under the program, together with Franklyne Mudulia, she directed and produced "Data-Driven Healthcare" (2023) on the work done by Living Goods. She also co-directed another film in the program, "Our Land, Our Life" (2023) for Rights and Resources Initiative. In 2019 she directed and produced "The River of Brown Waters", a short documentary on climate change, supported by DOCUBOX.

Featured Work


A story on FGM in the Kenyan contest among the Maasai people.

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Saving Lives at Scale through Data-Driven Healthcare

In this short documentary, see how Living Goods saves lives at scale by working hand-in-hand with the government to build strong community health systems. Since 2007, the organization has supported digitally equipped community health workers (CHWs) to deliver care on call to their neighbors in need. Living Goods focuses on reaching populations who face the greatest barriers to high-quality healthcare, especially children under five years old and pregnant people in resource-constrained communities. In 2022, LG supported 12,000 CHWs in Kenya, Uganda, and Burkina Faso to deliver an integrated package of health interventions to 6.7 million people. This film is a product of the Solutions Storytelling Project, a Skoll Foundation-supported initiative from the Video Consortium that connects filmmakers and social innovators to produce solutions-focused short documentaries that catalyze positive change.

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The ‘RIVER OF BROWN WATERS’ is a story of a river Called Ewaso Ng’iro in Northern Kenya crosscutting through the pastoralist counties of Laikipia, Samburu, Isiolo, and Marsabit. It is a lifeline to a huge number of pastoralists and their livelihood. It supports wildlife and the various kinds of lives in its ecosystem. Being a sources of life, its life is also facing threats. It is known as one of the permanent rivers in Kenya, now it is seasonal and flowing at the mercy of rains whose patterns are also changing. If no action is taken one day we will wake up to just a dry river bed and give history of a one mighty river that once existed. The documentary, tells the river’s life through generations who speak of its history through voices of heritage among pastoralists, its importance, and the threats it is facing.

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