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Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe

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A filmmaker/visual artist interested convergencies of story and memory to negotiate identity and define our place in the world.


Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe is a filmmaker/photographer. His central interest is stories and intersectionality; how history, geography, memory and interaction with each other define how we see ourselves, and negotiate meaning of our own existence. A story is especially interesting, as both a human interaction phenomenon in space and time, and just as much a story as a container of conceptual constructs and ideas with which we define our personal and group identities in relation to each other and to the world.What does it mean to be a human attached to the body and the geography you happen to be in? In 2019 Nicholas was a recipient of a Civitella Ranieli Visual Art Fellowship in Italy, and Apex Art Visual Art Fellowship in New York. In 2020 he was selected to take part in a New York TimesPortfolio Review.