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Jackie Lebo

Director, Founder, Content House
Nairobi, Nairobi KE
A filmmaker and photographer based in Kenya and interested in exploring art, culture and social justice issues.


Jackie Lebo is a director, writer, photographer and founder of the Content House collective. Raised in various parts of the Rift-Valley, her work is inspired by the region and the peoples within it. Her films include Gun to Tape, a documentary following 800m World Record Holder David Rudisha and Marathon World Champion Edna Kiplagat in the run-up to the London Olympics and The Last Fight, on the once-great Kenyan boxing team. Her writing has appeared in the Financial Times, the East African, The Africa Report, Kwani?, Chimurenga and The Caine Prize Anthology. Her photographs have appeared in 10tal, Farafina, and 24 Nairobi. Jackie is currently working on several projects that explore the nexus between traditional societies and modernity.

Featured Work

Wangechi Mutu: Between the Earth and Sky

From her Nairobi studio, artist Wangechi Mutu considers her relationship with the natural world and the ways in which it has influenced her variegated artistic practice. A self-described "city girl with a nature brain," Mutu recounts her upbringing in Kenya, memories of playing in her family’s garden, and attending an all-girls Catholic school. These experiences instilled a profound respect for both nature and the feminine in Mutu, alongside a curiosity about the African history, heritage, and culture that was omitted from her studies. Today, Mutu’s monumental sculptures of hybrid female, animal, and plant forms assert "how incredibly important every single plant and animal and human is in keeping us all alive and afloat."

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Turkana Sessions

Turkana Sessions is a musical journey through the astounding culture and landscape of Turkana. This project brings together 5 artists: Jackson Nakuwa, Mourine Apuu, Jackson Ekori and Elizabeth Korikel from Turkana along with Eddie Grey from Nairobi in an exploration of the region’s musical heritage fused with soulful guitar rhythms for a sound that is rich, authentic and captivating – showing what is possible when we look to our traditional art forms and showcase them with high production values.

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The Last Fight

Two of Kenya’s most renowned boxing clubs are fighting for their survival. For Ndirangu “Coaches” Mahungu of the Dallas Boxing Club bringing up the next generation of boxing champions is an uphill battle following the decline of the Kenya Railways, the club’s sponsor. Together with the Dallas Boxing Club, Madison Square Garden in Nakuru, the oldest boxing club in Kenya, accounted for majority of the names in the Hit Squad, Kenya’s once great national boxing team. Club Manager Mwangi “Don King” Muthoga continues to recruit young people from working class neighbourhoods for whom boxing has always been a way to a better life.

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Gun to Tape

Six decades after Kenyan athletes first competed internationally, the country prepares to send its strongest ever squad to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Leading the charge is David Rudisha, world champion and world record holder in the 800 meters and Edna Kiplagat, marathon world champion. Follow their journey as they endure gruelling training and face difficult personal battles for a chance to toe the starting line at the Olympic stadium. All in the hopes that they will return with international sport’s biggest prize: an Olympic gold medal.

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