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Fama Ndiaye

Documentary filmmaker / project coordinator
Dakar AF
Available for Freelance
Open To Virtual Coffee
Documentary filmmaker / cultural project coordinator Love to tell nuanced , bold, authentic stories through the use of documentary


Fama, a Dakar-based documentary filmmaker from Senegal, has a diverse international career that spans various sectors. Her journey has been driven by a profound belief in the influential role of imagery as a catalyst for awareness and a means to challenge our perceptions. Fama was drawn to the world of cinema because she yearned for more nuanced narratives. She firmly believes in the power of documentary filmmaking to reconnect communities, promote healing, and elevate individuals. With a professional history in coordinating film festivals and curating cinematic experiences, Fama has most recently served as the program manager at the Yennenga Center, Dakar's pioneering Postproduction Training Centre. Her journey in the world of film has been driven by a passion for promoting meaningful stories and creating narratives that empower the voices that need to be heard. Fama is currently in the process of developing a full-length documentary as part of her residency with Atelier Varan. Additionally, she was a participant in the Solutions Storytelling Project Africa.

Featured Work

Annual Floods in Keur Massar

Floods are recurrent in the district of Keur Massar. This short film done as part of the participation of the yennenga center to the world water forum 2022 in Dakar, tells the stories of people living continually with the floods .

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Daga, the Deputy Mayor Leading Girls’ Education in Southern Senegal

In southern Senegal, Daga Kande, a local leader in her community, is a passionate advocate for girls’ and women’s education. Denied the opportunity to complete her own education when she was a girl, Daga is now on a mission, with the support of Tostan, to ensure that children in her community can stay in school and have access to all the opportunities that she missed — and that they all have a right to have.

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