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Williamena Kwapo

Journalist/Visual Storyteller
Oakland, CA US
Available For Hire
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I am a journalist and video storyteller.


Williamena Kwapo is a recent graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of Journalism. There she focused on non-fiction short documentaries about issues that create huge impact in the world. Her skills lie in producing, directing, and editing. Within the last few years, she has produced short documentaries across topics like education, women's health, race, and homelessness. Her latest film is called HOME. In verite style, the film follows a social worker as she attempts to open the first transitional home in the city of Berkeley for unhoused people. Her proudest film is Tulsa, which examines the history of the Tulsa Race Massacre and how historical events like it are becoming harder to teach in K-12 schools because of republican lead laws in Oklahoma that aims to ban the teaching of critical race theory. She pitched, produced, and directed the film. Williamena is generally curious, well organized, and creative individual who would be a valuable asset to the team and the work you all are producing.