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Timothy Wildgoose

Cinematographer, Wildgoose Chase, LLC
Portland, OR US
Available For Hire
Available for Full Time
Open To Mentoring
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Finding the frame is about feeling. Its an instinct more than any particular set of technical skills.


Timothy Wildgoose, known by many as Goose, is a filmmaker, cat dad, chicken dad, urban gardener, contemplator, motorcycle rider, dancer, dreamer, not a baker but definitely a lover of cookies. He is, however, occasionally known to make real good ice cream. Goose has filmed in a dozen countries around the world telling stories of folks overcoming adversity for kitchen table brands and organizations. His work has aired on multiple Super Bowls. He has a Sports Emmy for best tease. Goose has filmed in incredibly sensitive settings, with people at their most vulnerable, and occasionally, dangerous, illegal, and certainly uncouth settings, as well. He's filmed in prisons, and hospitals, rural Himalayan villages, unhoused camps downtown, and occasionally on a sound stage, but what fun is that. Goose lives for the story, crafting moving images to tell it. He lives in Portland, Oregon.